Karen Jarrett Comments On Recent Bar Incident With Braun Strowman


During a GFW media conference call on Wednesday, Karen Jarrett addressed the much-talked-about rumors of a blowup between herself and WWE Superstar Braun Strowman at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.

“Oh my goodness, I can clear the air,” said Jarrett when asked about the situation by our friend Raj Giri at WrestlingInc.com. “It was a silly incident where you have two people in the wrestling business playing their characters, being silly and it got blown way out of proportion.”

Jarrett elaborated, insisting that the situation between herself and Strowman was blown way out of proportion by the wrestling media that covered the story.

“And the fact that the two of us are still in the news and it’s still being talked about, that’s a question that you took the time to ask I think is hysterical, to be honest with you,” Jarrett said. “It’s silliness. It’s the wrestling business, we had fun with it and somebody took it and turned it into something more than it was.”

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