Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Promise The Best Is Yet To Come, Talk Pushing For The Balor Club, WrestleMania Experience


Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows recently spoke with Inside The Ropes where The Club discussed pushing to be with Finn Balor and their WrestleMania 33 experience. You can read some highlights from the interview below:

On the best being yet to come:

“I think we needed to kind of branch off and do our own things for a little while because you can always go back to having the Balor Club under a WWE production, there is so many places it can go. The best is yet to come, they are going to see a lot more out of us, the Bullet Club, the Balor Club, the OGBC, whatver you want to call it, the chemistry is there and it’s in the air.”

Pushing for the Balor Club to happen:

“We knew when the time was right it would happen and I feel like the time is right. If we would have come here and got started with Finn straight away, then it’s already over so I think to make people wait a little bit and have us wait a little bit, it was time. We are excited about it and obviously, the people are, it’s a good thing.”

The Hardy Boyz Return & WrestleMania 33 Experience

“To be apart of WrestleMania was the coolest thing in my career, and hearing the Hardy Boyz music hit and seeing the reaction of 75,000 people, I remember looking at him (Gallows) and saying ‘this is nuts,’ it doesn’t get much cooler. It was monumental and something we will never forget.

You can see the full video interview below: