Kassius Ohno On Capturing The WWE NXT Title, What Drove His Comeback, Losing 50 Pounds

WWE NXT Superstar Kassius Ohno recently spoke with Byron Saxton on WWE’s website, check out the highlights below:

What’s the difference between the Kassius Ohno from three years ago to the Kassius Ohno of today?

OHNO: Aside from about 50 pounds? [Laughs] I’m smarter. I’ve matured and I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I’m more comfortable and I know my worth.

What drove that need to come back to NXT?

OHNO: I’ve worked hard not to let my previous tenure define my career. I knew I didn’t have to come back to prove myself to anyone. What I need [to do] is to come back and accomplish all the things I failed to accomplish my first time here. I also need to reach those goals for anyone who has ever believed in and supported me.

Now that you’re back, it seems that your objective is clear.

OHNO: My focus is zeroed in on the NXT Championship. I have accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted, everywhere I’ve ever been. Championships, tournaments, you name it. The NXT Championship is something that I don’t just want, it’s what I need. I plan to become the face and ambassador of NXT. I want to bring the absolute best in-ring action all over the world.

You had already made quite the name for yourself on the independent scene. What was it like to go back on that circuit?

OHNO: I could not have asked for a better “hero’s welcome.” My friends, the fans, my peers, they all made me feel right at home. It was vindicating. The reactions I received night in and night out, the caliber and variety of opponents I encountered over the last three years, have made me feel like the best wrestler on the planet.