Ken Anderson on Who Created His Famous Microphone Gimmick, Working w/ Undertaker & Sting, Underrated Matches


Ken Anderson recently sat down with the Squared Circle community on Reddit for a live Q&A session. The former WWE United States Champion and TNA World Heavyweight Champion discussed a multitude of topics from his favorite promotion, his favorite memories in the business, working with The Undertaker, Sting, underrated matches and more. Check out select highlights from the Q&A below.

Q: Who came up with the mic dropping from the ceiling gimmick?

A: “That was actually Dave Lagana’s idea, at least Dave was the one who presented it to me. I loved it. I loved the idea that it was something unique that hadn’t been seen since the early days of boxing.”

Q: What’s something a lot of people might not know about you? 

A: “I enjoy hunting. I don’t hunt a lot, but when I do hunt, it’s with a bow and arrow.”

Q: What is the best promotion you haven’t worked for yet? 

A: “Easy. New Japan. There’s also some independent groups in the states that everybody talks about that I haven’t worked for…like PWG.”

Q: Have you ever had to wrestle while needing to take a huge s–t?

A: “Almost every single match, I’ll piss fifteen minutes before I hit the ring. Right before I go through the curtain, I realize I have to piss again. I don’t know what it is.” … “A running gag on our podcast…we ask every single guest if they’ve ever pooped themselves. So far, the answers have been pretty surprising!”

Q: What moment in your career made you sit back and say, “Man, this is really cool”? 

A: “The moment I had that feeling was when I first wrestled Undertaker on a house show and the lights went out and I heard the gong…This is amazing…what a cool gig! How the fuck did I get here?” 

Q: What match is loved by you/other wrestlers but may be seriously underrated? 

A: “The match at SummerSlam where Brock beat the f–k out of Cena. I thought it was great, Cena did a fantastic job of selling. It was believable, it made sense.”

Q: Who came up with the idea for you to dress up as Surfer Sting in your TNA feud? 

“That was actually my idea. I said in passing one day, ‘What about me dressing up as old Sting?’ I mean, I had the blonde hair. And Sting actually loved it. Those outfits that I wore were actually Sting’s old gear. And he painted my face. A cool moment. Looking back on that, I would have to slide him into that group of most significant opponents that I’ve had.”

Q: What’s the most fun you’ve ever had in the ring? 

I had a six man tag where I tagged with Billy Gunn and Tajiri in England for PCW. We had been in the ring for about 10-15 minutes just goofing off. Billy looked at me and gave a belly laugh. We did our intros and I did a play on the New Age Outlaws intro with Tajiri. We just had a really fun match. There were eight hundred people, a show at a bar in England. The fans were just lit!