Kenny King Reveals He Was In Numerous Nickelodeon Shows & Video Game


Kenny King revealed during an interview with Q103 Albany that he was on numerous Nickelodeon shows as a kid.

“I was a nickelodeon kid… I started taking acting classes at age 7. I had a good agent. I got on just about every nickelodeon show there was… Clarissa Explains It All, Welcome freshmen, several SNICK commercials. I did the pilot for The Legends of the Hidden Temple and I actual did the show and it sucked!”

King also talked about being in the Nickelodeon GUTS Super Nintendo Game.

“It was the very first game with digitized face in it… with actual images. For super Nintendo that was pretty big thing. I didn’t have a chance to see it because I had sega genesis and I wasn’t switching over.”

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