Kenny Omega Says Top EVOLVE Star Can Become the ‘Foreign Shibata’, Jim Ross Names Wrestling’s Next Breakout Star


According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, during last week’s AXS TV conference call to promote the upcoming “G1 in San Francisco”, IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega said he believes current EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle can become the “foreign Shibata” in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Riddle responded to the compliment from Omega with the following.

“That means a lot coming from Kenny Omega,” said Riddle. “One stallion to another, it’s a true compliment. I know how hard he’s worked and how long he’s been in the business. For that guy to even know who I am, and for him to think that highly of me just from watching my work, is just outstanding.

Jim Ross Names Wrestling’s Next Breakout Star

Barrasso also spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, and during the interview, JR had the following to say on pro wrestling’s next breakout star.

“Ospreay is the next breakout star, but only if he can stay healthy,” said Ross. “He has a great upside, without any question, but the questions concern the style and how he works. Calling his matches, I’ve seen him get up after I thought he hurt himself or broke something in his body. At some point, you don’t need a medical degree to figure out the fact that when you take bumps on surfaces that were never intended to be bumping surfaces, and you do it for too long, the cumulative effect is going to be negative.

“He has a great imagination and he’s a great improvisationalist, and he’s really good with strikes and submissions. So if he leaned a little more on the other aspects of ‘The Aerial Assassin’–he doesn’t have to do a moonsault to the outside to be an aerial assassin, he just needs to land on a surface that will half-ass welcome your body to it.