Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho Talk NJPW Match, How Creative Plans Changed Along the Way, Why It Was No DQ


After his all out war against Chris Jericho at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 12, Kenny Omega sat down with his opponent from the show, Chris Jericho himself on a recent episode of “Talk Is Jericho.” The match has received high praise from just about everyone, and receiving a 5-Star Rating from Dave Meltzer, being the only match from the show to receive the honor.

Alpha and Omega sat down at the Tokyo Dome Hotel after their match to discuss their match, of which Jericho touts as one of his best matches ever.

Omega on plans changing as the storyline went on…

“Since day one we’ve been gauging this thing by the feeling. The atmosphere of the building, the atmosphere of the people, the atmosphere of the people talking about it digitally on social media. We changed things accordingly. We never knew where it was going to go, we sort of had an idea, but I think…to allow this thing to evolve organically was probably the reason it was so successful.”

Jericho on his age versus Omega’s Age…

“It’s funny because there was a lot of people at first that were focused on the age of Jericho and the age of Kenny. ‘Chris is 47, well obviously he couldn’t keep up with Omega so they did a no-DQ, hardcore, it’s going to be a garbage match’ — That was never the intention to do No-DQ…it just got so violent and people responded to it so well, we’re like ‘This needs to not be what we originally wanted it to be’, which was gonna be kind of a Omega/Okada style match.”

Omega on his initial thoughts to wrestling Jericho…

“My reaction was probably a lot different than yours (Jericho). [Don Callis] said ‘What do you think about you and Jericho at the dome?’ And at the time I was desperately searching for something to do at the dome, I really wanted to make an impact. It was almost like ‘Come on man, don’t dangle the carrot. This would be what I need, so don’t throw fantasy matches at me when I’ve got nothing right now.’ I was like ‘OK, yeah, of course it would be great, but like, why even bring that up, man?’ And he was like ‘No, I think he might actually want to do it,’ and I never really knew your situation, and I never would have thought that you’d be interested in coming. So I just thought…Well, Jesus….If this is a possibility, I definitely want to do it.”

Kenny on the way the match was called/worked…

“I just felt like it was me and you fighting around trying to beat the crap out of each other, and that was a real cool feeling, not having to really worry about anything, just go by the feeling of it which is pretty much how the entire angle came to be, we felt the atmosphere, we felt the emotion, and we really adapted to that. What people may or may not know is that there was a lot of stuff just on the fly, and we just tossed it in there because it just felt right.”

Check out the entire podcast in the player below, it’s definitely worth a listen, especially if you got a chance to check out the match/pay per view.

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