Kenny Omega Talks “The Cleaner” Gimmick, the Meaning Behind “Change the World”


Kenny Omega recently appeared on Don Callis’s Killing the Town podcast, where he talked about a variety of topics. One of those topics was the “Cleaner” gimmick, which he used during his rise in The Bullet Club  in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“I loved The Cleaner as a character. I thought it was an interesting moniker. The image itself was a mixture of a couple of video game characters and Stallone from Cobra. The Cleaner was cool. I enjoyed it.”

But it was his claim that he wanted to change the world that led many fans to wonder where Omega was coming from.

“At that time I felt that, it was more generalized. Yeah sure, I felt that maybe what I was doing was something that maybe people hadn’t really seen. And I felt that I could express myself and I could tell stories in a way that people in New Japan haven’t really seen before, especially with my level of natural athleticism too. So it’s gonna be sort of like a phsycial telling of a story that either people haven’t seen in this country, or just haven’t seen ever. And I thought if I was able to sort of change my game, you know in professional wrestling, the idea behind ‘change the world’ wasn’t limited to just what I was doing. But it was more of statement just for everyone.”

Omega is currently the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. His contract with New Japan expired on January 31 and now the former IWGP champion is a free man. Many fans believe that he will sign with All Elite Westling, the company founded by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks. That announcement may come as soon as February 7, when AEW’s next rally is set to take place.