Kevin Nash Comments on Impact Match, TNA Selling X-Division Title Belt


– Kevin Nash continues to criticize TNA’s product. Nash wrote the following about the ladder match between Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Kazarian and AJ Styles.

“The drink tossed in the first match on Impact was as close to hitting me than Jeff.Great match one huge missed detail…50 bumps 4 nothing”

– TNA is now selling copies of the TNA X Division Championship belt, not the toy replica). These are copies of the original belt made by Wildcat Championship Belts, the official Belt Maker of TNA. You can purchase them here for $2000 each.

SoCal Val Wearing Ribbons and Only Ribbons….


    • Man, they fired Brooke Hogan! I keep hearing from ‘someone’ that TNA FOLDS IN SEPT. … I doubt it now that the TV deal was signed, BUT, the goal of shooting the company to s*** was to get rid of Hulk’s contract and then resurrect it anyway, maybe Hogan’s out next anyway without TNA folding in sept, but they seem to be on schedule.

      • I would be shocked if TNA folded in September but stranger things have happened in this business.Brook had to do something major to get fired.We will find out more details of why

        • I hear ya, it’s not my rumor, i know, they all say that. It started BEFORE Matt Morgan got out of his contract ‘hint’ and revolves around how they can’t afford Hogan’s Contract and have decided he’s the anchor around their neck. Brooke out is a great thing, but, HH has to got and apparently ‘rumored’ ratings have to hit some deficit amount to cancel things, so, with the new TV deal, i don’t know what to think.

        • i bet you every cent i make for the rest of my life that wont happen. they make money and spike loves the ratings if you dont like it dont watch it. i like it theres alot of talent in tna and every match isnt a squash match like wwe.

  1. 2 grand? WTF, guess TNA is looking for fans to fund the pay checks. Probably didn’t even cost 2K to make the real belt

  2. you are all so negative. tna makes plenty on money, spike is happy with the ratings which mean even if you negative people dont like it alot of people do.

  3. p.s kevin nash shouldnt talk about anyones wrestling even before his knees were butter he sucked hes always been an awful wrestler


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