Kevin Nash Comments on Last Night’s Impact Wrestling Episode

Kevin Nash took to his Twitter account to comment on the recent on-goings in TNA Wrestling. Here are some of the things he wrote:

“Watching TNA why would you ever cut Velvet Sky out of a shot? I didnt hear a word Chris said after see was out of frame.TNA watch 16-35 ads

“So unbelievable the TNA talent aren’t told to work the non populated hard camera

“TNA is out of cash and being on the road doesn’t get to slide payments for up to 4 months to show a profit as they did at Universal.

“Anderson and Mickey James are up bet you don’t see them to after the first of the year.The dudes are playing on the deck.Enjoy the music

“Nothing to buy.

“TNA had it’s highest ratings when Jeff was in charge. Steady decline except for the loaded Hogan live show.

“I’m not interested in wrestling besides the occasional indy witch is fun and no politics.”

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  • Stevontte Bonnie Boo Mcclary

    Bitter d***.

  • Louisa Baton

    i’m impressed that he summed it p so well. I thought that last night’s Dixie AJ exchange was good though and will help things for a little bit. They really need Jeff back though.

    • allan

      I know He made a better stage boss then dixie

  • Jay

    Velvet Sky is freaking hot and we should see more of her.I think we might have seen the last of the Hulkster

  • allan

    How consider TNA gave him more then wwe ever did after his knees went to s*** they gave him a job for years he was in mafia TNA support his ass so he could get drunk and he bad mouths it this bad impact wasn’t bad.

  • raul cruz

    Funny how he mentions TNA being out of cash. Some would point the finger that he is one of the reasons TNA has money problems. He did little in TNA but got paid more than most of the talent, while talented wrestlers were never even given enough money to get to and from the studio. Stories circulated how the Knockouts had to bum rides off of fans to get to the studio. Nash had it easy, never helped the company, and used blackmail to get out of his contract to avoid being under Hogan’s thumb. He shouldn’t comment.

  • Mr. Baker


    • Jay

      Call Vince

      • Mr. Baker

        Yea, Legends Deal all day…wouldn’t be surprised if both him AND Sting showed up…IMO

  • Iduhloser

    I wish they’d use Kevin Nash and or bring back the NWO! Tooo sweeet! Sell Stephanie’s shares to them.

    • Ronald Ryan

      it will never happen seeing how vince owns the rights to anything related to wcw including the NWO

      • Iduhloser

        Er. I am confusion. Bring back The NWO in WWE and put them in charge with Steph’s stock (as I suspect that might be a storyline). If she really is selling stuff, I’d like to buy her (censored).

  • Dan Iacovelli

    I agree get rid of hogan and bischoff rehire Jeff and bring in the czar of indie wrestling of Chicago Sam Decero he ran Windy city pro wrestling for a decade and also trained Christopher Daniels(Daniles got his start at wcpw as well so you know there isa connection)

    • Ronald Ryan

      yeah Hogan has enough money now to retire for good and live a decent comfortable life

  • Joshua Nixon

    I wonder if the DixieAJ angle is going to play out like Vince and Punk’s angle did at Money in the Bank 2011? AJ leaves with the TNA WorldHeavyweight championship at Bound For Glory and comes back in a month claiming he is still the real TNA World Champion since nobody beat him for the title. Gonna be interesting to see it all unfold.

  • Ralph Ramos

    The Hulkster will be fine. He’ll probably end up signing a legends contract with the WWE.

    • raul cruz

      I don’t doubt that he’s already talked to Vince and they’ve probably already come to an agreement. It’s just a matter of letting his contract with TNA expire now.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Hogan, Sting and Angle will all have their last run in WWE…nobody’s retiring in TNA…that’s just too sad.