Kevin Nash Posts Tweet About New Main Event Mafia Group

Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on the new Main Event Mafia on Twitter:

“Watched TNA on dvr tonight though Magnus was a great choice. Do the writers not realize Joe was in the original MEM? WTF?”

“One more thing when the talent crew was talking about making it in the business it’s 5 years if your not over ain’t gonna happen. 5 years over or your a bust,you may find 10 that made it but 2000 didn’t”

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    so was kurt angle and sting it doesnt mean there cant be a new mafia. and magnus is a great add on but rampage is just stupid hes not even a wrestler


    and wtf does nash know about getting over..

  • Ralph Ramos

    WTF!!! MEM. Been there, done that BIG KEV. We know it didn’t work the 1st time, so why make the same mistake twice. And Big Kev knows how to get himself over real well. Unfortunately, its at the cost of the team (Remember WCW, when he took the belt off the gold mine Goldberg and put it on himself. That was the beginning of the end for WCW.

    • SmellyAssCheeks

      Nash wasn’t even booking WCW then…c’mon jackass get your s*** together..

      • Ralph Ramos

        Lol.I know he wasn’t booking. But I also he was in creative and asked Bishoff if he cold make himself champion. Bishoff agreed to everything Kevin wanted to do.