Kevin Nash Talks About Being Part of The Streak, WrestleMania Memories & More

The Baltimore Sun has an interview with Kevin Nash. Here are some highlights.

What he’s been doing since his last WWE run: “I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been making personal appearances as well as doing independent bookings. I’ve been working on a movie project locally with some writers and a production group. It has a good script, and a medium-budget of about $1-to-1.5 million. There’s also a reality show that I’ve been in talks with.

“I also have a legends deal with WWE, so I go in from time-to-time for DVD commentaries, and I sometimes go to developmental (NXT). It gives them an extra set of eyes who doesn’t necessarily get to see the guys as often, and can give them a different perspective.”

WrestleMania memories: “The first Wrestlemania I was involved with was the Michaels/Hall ladder match, when I was Shawn’s bodyguard. I still think that was one of the greatest matches of all time. A year later, me and Shawn were headlining. And then I co-headlined with ‘Taker the next year. I was involved with some great moments in the early-to-mid-90s.”

Being a part of the Undertaker’s streak: “It’s funny because I didn’t believe that there was truly anything special when I wrestled ‘Taker at the time. There was no inkling of a streak or anything. The guys like me that are earlier in the streak are just lucky to be part of the streak. Now it’s such a big thing, and one of the really special things in the business. I really don’t think the streak is ever going to end, and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t ever have it end.”

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  • Trey

    Just like you didn’t end Goldberg’s streak…lying bastard!

    • delrvich

      Nash is talking about Undertaker not Goldberg.

      • allan mccann

        He knows he’s just making a lame Goldberg mark comment. Here is a none mark comment. Goldberg ended Bret harts career and almost killed him

        • delrvich

          Maybe Bret Hart too much of a mark to have sued Goldberg?

          • allan mccann

            No he’s just a pro.

          • delrvich

            Not anymore he’s not.

    • allan mccann

      Goldberg sucked anyways all he had was that streak he was an ex football player who wrestled for 2 years , 15 years ago , get over him ,he’s not coming back he doesn’t care.