Kevin Nash Taunts CM Punk on Twitter


After joking about joining the Main Event Mafia on Twitter, Nash posted a tweet about his brief feud with CM Punk:

“It’s crazy I powerbombed Punk several times and his minions talk about a promo.What did he do to me physically? Not a f–king thing.”

Here is footage of Kevin Nash powerbombing CM Punk:

Randy Orton Has a Moment….


  1. What the odds on Punk doing a no-show but returning to Monday night raw with heyman and him arguing about where he was his statement would be. I never said yes to the match you never came and asked me if i wanted the match or not so you had my answer on Monday then Vince McMahon comes down blames Heyman for Punk’s absence making Heyman look silly.

  2. there goes Nash putting himself over again in the scripted world of pro wrestling…I’m pretty sure CM Punk helped get you that ancient powerbomb and career of yours rejuvenated again.


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