Kevin Owens Drops “Pipebomb” on the McMahon Family


Kevin Owens was supposed to square off against Dolph Ziggler in singles competition this Tuesday night on Smackdown Live, but things definitely didn’t work out as planned…

K.O. was “banned” from the arena after getting into a physical altercation with Ziggler outside of the arena, but showed up at the very start of Smackdown anyways, with a live microphone in hand.

The former Universal Champion then went on a wild verbal tirade, trashing Shane McMahon for being involved in numerous segments and taking up so much screen time every week on all of WWE’s flagship shows.

He even brought up the McMahon family standing in the ring back in December, making promises that things would change and there would be no authority figures, only to turn around and give more power to Shane, to make the product even worse.

Shane O’Mac tried to cut off Owens’ microphone multiple times, but he continued to find a way to speak his mind until security chased him through the crowd and out of the building. Before going, he accused the billionaire heir to the WWE empire of taking screen time away from people in the back, specifically shouting out Apollo Crews, Liv Morgan, Asuka, Kairi Sane, and more.

It should be noted that the footage below, from WWE’s own Twitter account, was edited to cut out some of the more “controversial” comments made throughout the show-opening rant.