Kevin Owens & Shane McMahon’s Long Rivalry Now Involves “Largest Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in History”


Last week’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live saw Shane McMahon attack and subsequently fire the long-time thorn in his side, Kevin Owens, after the former world champion failed to help him win a King of the Ring semifinal round match against Chad Gable.

Owens returned to Smackdown as a member of the audience this Tuesday night in Atlanta, but was called into the ring by McMahon during the second half of the show. Apparently KO is hitting WWE with “the largest wrongful termination suit in history”, to the tune of $25 million!

After another verbal back-and-forth with the former blue brand Commissioner, Owens explained that he was recently fined $100,000 for attacking an “official” (it was Elias), and yet when he was attacked by McMahon while acting as special guest referee last week, he was then fired for trying to help his long-time nemesis.

He also revealed that there is a second clause, and should he win his suit against WWE, he’ll also get the pleasure of FIRING Shane O’Mac on live television!