Kevin Owens Takes A Shot At Shane McMahon, Vader Set For Surgery Today


After appearing on WWE Raw last night, Shane McMahon received some harsh words from WWE SmackDown Live superstar, Kevin Owens.

Shane was seen backstage when WWE went to Gorilla position during the opening segment with Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon and KO wasn’t pleased to see WWE SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon there.

Owens stated on Twitter that it is good to see Shane has his priorities in order, with the SmackDown crew at a live event in Dayton whilst he is sat by his daddy on WWE Raw.

Shane is expected to make a major WWE WrestleMania 34 announcement tonight on SmackDown Live, which could be to further the angle between himself, Owens and Sami Zayn.

Vader Set For Surgery

WWE legend, Vader is set to undergo surgery today on his heart he stated on Twitter. Vader has been suffering from some major heart problems for quite some time now, and this is likely the next step in keeping him as healthy as possible.

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