Kevin Owens to Respond to Kofi Kingston’s Attack on WWE ‘SmackDown Live’


Kevin Owens will respond to the recent attack from Kofi Kingston on the May 7 edition of SmackDown Live. made the announcement on May 4 and now fans are once again expecting fireworks between these two men.

Kofi and Kevin have been at odds since Owens turned on The New Day during an episode of SmackDown Live. KO had been filling in for the injured Big E and even though many fans expected a betrayal, they were more than happy to go along for the ride.

Owens is a very entertaining Superstar and he finally had the chance to run as a babyface, for the first time since he came to WWE’s main roster. His stint with The New Day, however short, was fun nevertheless.

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Now Owens will face Kofi for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank on May 19. Owens’ response to Kingston on the upcoming SmackDown will surely be another opportunity for WWE to hype the title match between the two men.


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