Kevin Owens to Undergo Exploratory Knee Surgery; Expected Out of Action Until 2019


It appears that things may be worse than originally anticipated for Kevin Owens, who was recently pulled from the WWE Mixed Match Challenge due to injuries sustained at the hands of Bobby Lashley. Or at least that’s the story being told on television.

In reality, Owens is going to need time off to repair damage that has been done to his knee. The injury has been bothering him for quite some time, and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the former Universal Champion will be undergoing a preliminary surgery to assess the level of damage, at which point they will known whether it can be simply cleaned out, or if further surgery is required.

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Right now, the best case scenario is that they can clean out minor damage done to the knee while they have him on the operating table the first time. In that case he’ll be out of action for about four months, unless he has to go back in for a more intense surgery, at which point he will be out for an estimated eight months.

The first scenario would see Owens back in a WWE ring by mid-February. He would obviously miss the Royal Rumble, but there’s a chance he could still be back in time to build up some kind of program for WrestleMania 35. But again, that seems to be the best case.