Kevin Owens Tweets Vince McMahon On Headbutt Anniversary, Batista Performance Praised, Oney Lorcan Video


WWE has released the above video.

The hard-hitting Brit-Am bruisers are excited to reunite tonight in Oney Lorcan’s first match back after sustaining a facial injury in June.

Kevin Owens Tweets Vince McMahon On Headbutt Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of Kevin Owens famously headbutting Vince McMahon on WWE TV, and Owens wished Vince a happy anniversary as seen below:

Batista Performance Praised has released a new article listing 10 reasons to watch Dave Bautista’s new movie “Final Score”, and the site ranks Bautista himself as the #1 reason to watch the flick:

Bautista’s brief appearance in Blade Runner 2049 ought to have convinced the world of his dramatic chops, but only 2048 people saw that masterpiece in theatres, so here we are. The former WWE alum and current (soon to be former?) Guardians of the Galaxy star brings a sense of guilt-ridden gravitas to Final Score as Michael Knox, the most serious fixture of this otherwise goofy romp. Knox, a former U.S. soldier and current private contractor, flies regularly across the pond to visit the family of his fallen brother, whose death might have been his fault. On one of his trips, he decides to take rebellious teen Danni (Lara Peake) to a West Ham United game where, in true Die Hard fashion, terrorists just happen to be enacting an unrelated plan.

Bautista can certainly turn up the action intensity, but what’s especially delightful about this role is that it feels like the real Bautista, i.e. the thoughtful, soft-spoken guy we see in the interviews. Where most action stars would puff their chests and try to ooze machismo, Bautista instead opts for a quiet warmth that works wonders for his camaraderie with Peake. Their uncle-niece relationship feels real and meaningful, established through playful ribbing and quiet moments amidst the rowdy West Ham crowd, making Knox’s eventual rampage something you want to get on board with. He isn’t out to kill, but rather to look out for someone he’s sworn to protect. The weight of 35,000 other blissful spectators being in danger, however, might prove challenging to his self-imposed duty.

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