Kid Kash Blasts CM Punk – ‘He’s An As*hole & I Want To Knock Him Out!’


In an interview with MMA Fighting, David “Kid Kash” Cash said that he would like to knock out CM Punk. Cash last fought in 2008, with a decision loss at a regional event in Frankfort, Kentucky. He will return to the sport on Saturday in Tennessee against Lindsey Jones at Valor Fights 38. Here are highlights:

On wanting to fight CM Punk: “Damn, he’s the same weight that I am. How bad would I love to knock his ass out? I’ve never liked him. I’ve known the guy for at least 15 years, probably, and he’s been such an arrogant asshole. He was handed so much sh*t. He never earned a f*cking thing.”

On Punk’s wrestling career: “I lived it. I’m not like Punk, who before he was a wrestler he was a video-game enthusiast, trading cards and stuff like that. And then he gets into wrestling, knows the right people and gets a push just because he knows somebody.”

On Punk’s fight against Mickey Gall: “I’m kind of amazed that he had the camp that he had for two years and went down that quick and with no defense whatsoever.”

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