Killam’s 6/11 WWE Raw Review: Olive Branches & Awkward Clapping, Red Brand Limps Into Money in the Bank


Seth Rollins is Kind of a D—

Elias came out and sang an amazing song about how none of Seth Rollins’ catchphrases make any sense, and how they all have conflicting messages. Like how’s he gonna be an architect AND keep telling people to “burn it down”? The crowd was getting really into The Drifter, and while they still played along and booed him when he mocked the local city, they also popped big when he did just about anything else.

Out came Seth Freaking Rollins who rushed the ring and stole his brand new, custom made guitar that was crafted specially for him by the great John Mayer. Elias begged him to put it down, so instead the Kingslayer cut a really, really long promo basically asking the fans if he should smash the guitar over, and over, and over again turning what should have been a five minute spot into a segment that felt like it went on for half an hour. Eventually he Curb Stomped the guitar and smashed it’s face in, which is kind of a d— thing to do. I mean, Elias asked him REALLY nicely not to do that…

This was great up until the point where Rollins came out. Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s the best performer in WWE today, but Elias is not the right match-up for him right now. Elias is so popular, and fans so desperately want to cheer for him because he’s genuinely likable, and really good at what he does. When Rollins broke the guitar some people popped for it, but it seemed like most were just really conflicted on who they liked more and so they sat on their hands.

Bayley vs. Ruby Riott

I guess the Riott Squad is actually rioting now… Or, I guess they’re doing what they think is rioting. I’m not sure destroying the backstage area by throwing garbage and recycling on the floor is exactly as “punk rock” as the vibe they’re trying to put out, but at least they’re doing something interesting.

The match itself was pretty good. Bayley had a tough time getting anything goes because of Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan constantly causing chaos at ringside. She botched a leap through the ropes real bad, but recovered with a stiff suplex to the floor on the outside to sort of redeem the moment. The problem was anytime she got some momentum going, especially outside of the ring, the other two were there to make sure she got put back down. In the end Ruby got the win with her Riott Kick after a distraction from Liv.

After the bout the Riott Squad put the boots to Bayley and… nobody came to her rescue. I bet the story here is going to be that Bayley has come to save Sasha Banks time and time again, especially from attacks by the Riott Squad, but this time when she needed help The Boss couldn’t be bothered. Sasha can make excuses about being focused on Money in the Bank, but the awkwardness will continue to build between the two. Hey, maybe by SummerSlam we’ll actually get a match out of this…

The Irresistible Force Taps Out

Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey faced off in the ring for the final time before they meet this Sunday at Money in the Bank. Jonathan Coachman – who earlier in the night didn’t know the difference between Jay-Z and John Mayer – tried to interview the two, but things pretty quickly got out of control. Nia did a promo all about how WWE allows a lot of stuff that UFC doesn’t, like punches to the spine, slapping, and her dropping a leg and crushing Ronda’s throat. The challenger cut a promo that I thought was VERY good, talking about how her entire career people have been saying “she’s not ready” and now she’s a former UFC Champion, a future UFC Hall of Famer, and this Sunday the current Raw Women’s Championship. She rose in intensity throughout, and personally I think she spoke circles around the much more experienced Nia there.

The two brawled and Nia managed to bully her around the ring for awhile, but Ronda rolled her up into the cross armbar out of nowhere. The champ tried to keep her from fully locking it in, in a spot that went on way too long, but eventually she was forced to tap out. Not a bad segment. I still think Natalya is turning on Sunday.

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