We Ranked 8 WWE Superstars & Tag Teams Who Could Use a Money in the Bank Briefcase

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The Money in the Bank briefcase is a tool almost hand-crafted for heels. That’s not to say you can’t book unforgettable cash-in moments with beloved babyfaces, but it certainly requirers a whole lot more creative maneuvering and let’s face it…

Almas hasn’t even debuted on WWE television yet – something we’ve been told to expect for next week’s show – but the briefcase could really turn him into a top heel on the Smackdown brand. I wouldn’t even wait all that long to pull the trigger. Imagine AJ Styles finally defeating Shinsuke Nakamura in the fourth and final installment of their ridiculous penis-filled rivalry, only for The Artist to brutally attack him after the match and pave the way for El Idolo to become WWE Champion in his first ever pay-per-view appearance.

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