King Mo on How Difficult Wrestling Training Is, Workload & More


Mauhammad “King Mo” Lawal was recently interviewed by Here are some highlights.

If pro wrestling training is taking away from his MMA training: “I train year round. After the match in Ohio Valley Wrestling, I was right back in the gym on Monday. I don’t do training camps; I just train year round.”

How difficult pro wrestling is: “I was surprised with how hard it’s been. I didn’t think the bumps, hitting the ropes, would be all that hard on you. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn’t know was going to do a match and then be sore for four or five days later. I can fight and be sore for only like two or three days.”

MMA workload vs. Wrestling workload: “I guarantee you, take any old wrestler and watch them try to get out of bed, running, doing anything. A fighter may train a lot, but they only fight two or three times a year. Pro wrestlers do five or six shows a week and they’re always on the road. Come on, man. They don’t realize that.”

Hot Photo of The Knockouts Together….



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