Kip Sabian Reveals What Drew Him To Join AEW


AEW’s Kip Sabian recently spoke with about working for the company, what initially drew him in and why he enjoyed being on the Buy-In.

On AEW having wins and losses mattering being a big draw for him:

“As soon as they said wins and losses would matter, I was like ‘sweet.” I’m tired of it not mattering. What’s the point? What’s the point of having a wrestling match and one person loses, and the next week they come out and it doesn’t mean anything? The point is winning the match. For me, winning at Double or Nothing, first ever AEW singles match and singles match winner — THIS GUY,” said Sabian.

On the importance of the Buy In show for UK audiences:

“A lot of people have messaged me saying they saw the Buy In (pre-show) on ITV4, and they went over to the ITV Box Office and bought Double or Nothing. That was my role on the car, that was my job, Sammy’s job, the battle royal’s job, and everyone delivered. I’ve not had one negative tweet, Instagram, social media, (it’s) the best, man,” Sabian told us. “I knew we were on the Buy In. It wasn’t really discussed with me what order. As soon as they said we were closing that before we go — that’s extra pressure. When you’re under pressure, that’s when you thrived, and I think we all delivered.”

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