Kofi Kingston Claims Things Between Him And Randy Orton Are Not Over By A Long Shot


After his WWE Championship match with Randy Orton ended in a count-out, Kofi Kingston has claimed that things between him and the Viper are not over.

Orton appeared to have the match tied up after a huge RKO, but the Viper then made things personal with Kofi’s family at ringside which saw the WWE Champion lose his cool, turning things into an all-out brawl with the count-out being the result.

In the end, Kingston would wield a kendo stick and destroy Orton, letting out all of his frustrations and whilst he admitted he is happy to still be WWE Champion, he isn’t satisfied with how the match ended. Kingston took to Twitter to make it clear that things between them are not over, not by a long shot.

The New Day member also spoke with WWE’s YouTube channel where he claimed that Orton crossed a line during their match.

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