Kofi Kingston Discusses How CM Punk Helped Him Before Debuting In WWE


New Day member, Kofi Kingston recently spoke with the Swerve City Podcast where he discussed his friendship with CM Punk.

Kingston reflected on his WWE debut in the ECW brand which took place when Punk was at the top of the roster and he spoke about how Punk helped him before he headed out.

“Punk is one of the guys in the industry who I consider to be my brother,” he said. “He helped me out when he didn’t need to help me out. People were more about keeping other people down and their spots being taken. I remember, I’m about to go out for my debut and I’m doing push-ups. I see a set of wrestling shoes, I look up, and there’s Punk. He goes, ‘Just remember, they’re out here to see you.’ That eased my nerves going out there. He didn’t have to say that to me. We became Tag Team Champions and I learned so much. At the time, he was [ECW] Champion and a lot of gripes that you have on the undercard, sometimes you have at the top. I’m like, ‘He’s going through a lot of the same stuff that I’m going through.’ Fast forward to being WWE Champion, I was already prepared to go through whatever it is that I needed to go through and fight.” (H/T to Fightful.com for the transcriptions.)