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Kofi Kingston Reveals If He’s Watched His WrestleMania Match, On Being The First WWE Champion From Africa



Kofi Kingston

WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston recently spoke with USA Today about his WWE Championship victory and whether he has watched the match back.

On if he has watched the WrestleMania match:

“I have not,” Kofi said when asked if he’s watched the match. “I’ve seen clips of the pinfall, but the whole match in and of itself I haven’t had the time really to sit down. I don’t normally like watching myself perform, you know, but I think this is one that I’m going to have to watch back for sure.”

On the reaction from fans:

“It took me legitimately three days to get through all my phone messages,” Kofi said. “So I had 150 different texts from 150 different people… Twitter was impossible to even go through and read. I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of my timeline because everybody is flooding in with compliments and just good luck messages and things like that. It’s been amazing the level of support. I finally, [on Friday], just finished going through the messages on Facebook, but I think I’m all caught up. The problem is that overtime you send a message to somebody, they always respond back…. It’s just awesome to be at the center of all that.”

On being the first WWE Champion from Africa:

“It means a lot, especially from a representation standpoint,” Kofi said. “It’s always important for people to be able to watch WWE, especially because it’s a global product, it’s important for people all over the world to be able to look at the screen and see somebody who looks like them doing great things. And in turn, that inspires them to do great things. For me to inspire people who look like me to do awesome things, and they can look at the screen and say ‘hey, I can do this because I can see someone that looks like me and he’s doing it.’

“It’s equally as important too that people who don’t necessarily look like me and can also look to my story for inspiration, because the main thing is I struggled, you know? To get here it’s been a long, hard struggle to make it to this point, and anybody out there, whether you’re black, white, Asian, South American, whatever, you can look to my story and see I struggled to get here but I kept fighting through. I didn’t give up, I didn’t take no for an answer, and I did it. It took me a long time to do it, but I did it. Anything is possible for anybody if they work hard enough.”

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Raw Rambling (11/30): #1 Contender’s Match, The Viper Smells A Weakness & Lana Triumphs



Last week saw a quick break from the Raw Rambling article as I was off live coverage, but we are back in full force this week and it was a strong episode to return too! From start to finish, the red brand did a good job of creating meaningful segments and matches that developed characters and drove stories forwards.

As ever, it wasn’t perfect, but that is to be expected with a three-hour episode of WWE Raw. But’s let’s jump into the episode and take a look at what worked, and what didn’t.

The Money in the Bank concept has had quite a poor year overall. Asuka just being given the title from winning and then the mess that was Otis’ run with the briefcase has certainly dampened things for the concept. But The Miz holding the briefcase has potential, and this week did a great job of building that.

There were multiple segments throughout the night that focused on the briefcase, and that was great. The Miz TV segment had a purpose, it pushed the briefcase and Miz’s desire to cash it in, but knowing he can’t take out Drew on his own also makes the champion look great.

Meanwhile, it also pushed the connection that Sheamus and Drew have, with this slow-burning storyline being a lot of fun to see.

But it was the main event segment that really worked well. Once again, Sheamus and Drew’s friendship was crucial, as it should be as WWE is clearly planting seeds for something here. But having AJ Styles legitimately try to help Miz cash-in just made perfect sense.

He knows Miz is easier to beat than Drew, and on paper, that was something that everyone understood and could connect with. The tease of the cash-in continues to be well booked, with that eventual moment sure to have a big pay-off.

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Rhea Ripley Discusses Losing Momentum Following WWE WrestleMania 36



During an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Rhea Ripley spoke openly about losing momentum after WrestleMania 36.

Ripley was defeated at the event by Charlotte Flair, losing the NXT Women’s Championship in the process, which she is yet to win back since that point. Ripley admitted that she’s not sure what happened from that point, but did reveal she lost some confidence after it.

“I’m not really too sure [what happened]. It did feel like that though. I definitely have gone through a stage where I did start losing the confidence in myself, because I just wasn’t portrayed the same way that I was. Like even now, I’m still slowly building myself back up from it. My confidence definitely was tainted a little bit, which sucks because I try and keep it up and do my best all the time. I don’t know if it was something inside my head that just wasn’t getting the picture but like, I don’t know. I got a little bit lost after that. But, right now I feel like I’m getting back on track, especially after doing all the things that I’ve done. Building myself back up has been really, really hard. I’m not gonna lie. It has been very difficult and I’ve been very lost at times but I’ve definitely found my track now and I’m getting back on it.”

Speaking of regaining her confidence, Ripley went on to discuss which members of the WWE NXT locker room she would like to work with in the future.

“I would like to go to RAW and SmackDown but at the same time, there’s so many people in NXT I haven’t faced yet and I feel like there’s so much more that I could still do. Like I would love to wrestle Candice [LeRae], especially now that she’s changed and her whole persona’s changed. I would love to wrestle Candice. I would love to wrestle Indi Hartwell, I would love to wrestle Shotzi [Blackheart]. I haven’t had a match with Shotzi. I tagged with her, but I haven’t wrestled her. There’s so many people that I would want to wrestle. I wanna wrestle Raquel [Gonzalez] again. It was [a hell of a match]. We battled each other. It was intense but I would love to face her again. Hell, I would love to do a stipulation match with her. I would love to do a lot of different things. I would love to do WarGames again.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.)

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Chris Jericho Reveals Who Is The Most Underrated AEW Wrestler



Chris Jericho recently revealed who he believes it the most underrated member of the AEW roster at the moment.

The AEW star spoke with David Penzer on Penzer’s ‘Sitting Ringside’ podcast, where he admitted that his upcoming Winter Is Coming opponent, Frankie Kazarian, is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the business.

“There’s not a more underrated guy in AEW and maybe even in the wrestling business than Frankie Kazarian. That guy has a great match every week. Doesn’t matter if he’s on Dynamite, if he’s on Dark, if he’s in a singles match or a multi-team match, whatever it may be. He brings it every night so when I saw that, I’m like, ‘Man, I’d really like to have a match with him’ so, that’s kind of how this whole storyline was started and kind of tie in Chris Daniels as well so, it’s always cool when you find guys that have been around for such a long time that you never even touched. It’s like finding this rare piece of gold if you’re coal mining or something where you just can’t believe this has just been there all this time and I’ve never come into contact before so, it’s gonna be a fun couple of weeks for sure.”

Jericho also touched on the career of The Undertaker, discussing how they never really crossed paths in a major way at WrestleMania, but admitted they could have one of the top storylines today if it was booked.

“But other than that, Undertaker was at the top of the top and I was kinda wavering up and down, never in between. If Undertaker was still there and I went back today and challenged him to WrestleMania next year, that would be one of the biggest matches you could have, but that is because of the work I’ve done over the last four years. So, it was never really seen as the main event, even when I was in the main event of WrestleMania against Shawn [Michaels] and against Hunter, Taker was doing other stuff as well so we just were never peaking storyline-wise at the same time to be worthy of that WrestleMania spot because once again, it was always about the streak until Brock [Lesnar] beat him whatever year that was and I think I was gone at that point, or close to it. So, to go up with The Undertaker, you know you were one of many that was gonna fall so you had to be the right guy because most people knew, ‘Oh, he’s gonna lose anyway’ so it was hard to create a storyline with him and we just never crossed paths at the right time to do that.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.)

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