Konnan Blasts TNA & Dixie Carter


Konnan had some harsh words to dish towards TNA during his recent appearance on the Joe Cronin Show. Konnan said that TNA President Dixie Carter doesn’t know what she’s doing, and then said that TNA should have hired Paul Heyman when they had the chance.

“[TNA] would still be number two even if there was no WWE,” Konnan said. “That f—ing show really sucks. You should see it now, they have the owner, Dixie Carter, and some j-ckoff [named] Potato Spuds or whatever his name is. They are like the worst thing on TV since the Aces & 8’s.”

Speaking of Konnan, the former WCW wrestler recently appeared on MLW Radio to talk about Money Mayweather hitting the Vegas strip clubs, Disco and Konnan wrestling in a WCW ladder match over a rubber disco duck, fans hijacking WWE shows, Disco’s time working on both the WCW and TNA booking committees and more.

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  1. 1. He’s right about Dixie.
    2. He’s still bitter about TNA not paying for his medical expenses.
    3. Why does he seem to believe he’s the authority on the business lately?

  2. Konnan is probably the most bitter man on the planet, he seems to hate everyone and everything. been fired from almost every promotion, and almost all his former partners still have careers, yet he doesn’t, you could feel for the guy, but then he talks and it’s back to square one.


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