Konnan Continues Slamming Curtis Axel on Twitter

Konnan continues to criticize Curtis Axel after stating last week on Twitter the he lacks charisma and should be removed from television (along with Aksana, Brad Maddox, Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, JoJo and Rosa Mendes).

“There is a reason they dont give Mark Axel mike time..#NotAGoodPromo,” Konnan said over the weekend in response to a fan wondering why Axel doesn’t speak more on television.

Konnan also added during Monday’s episode of Raw, “He is just a guy with a scowl and trunks..#WonderBRead.”

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  • TripleB27

    Easy there, Max Moon.

    • allan

      I know huh who is konnan to rip on Axel I mean Axel does suck on the mic but he’s already had a better career then konnan and a way better wrestler

      • Timothy Graham

        Konnan has had a better career than us, yet we criticize wrestlers all the time. You don’t have to be good at something to recognize who the good or bad ones are.

  • Chris

    I agree in some parts with Konnan, Axel is just one of a number of generic looking WWE Stars, he’s young, athletic but what it boils down to is he’s just a guy in tights who can wrestle nothing more nothing less,

    it’s a shame a veteran like Goldust who even at his age is the most entertaining person on Raw at the moment, simply because he has a gimmick as mystic about him which is missing a great deal in WWE.

    How are fans supposed to buy into and believe in a generic guy in tights with little or no back story or gimmick to get over with.

    Even for the wrong reasons Max Moon will be remembered and has been rememberd can the same be said for Curtis Axel in 10 or more years if he stopped wrestling now? I don’t think so, he’s just a generic guy in a sea of other generic guys.

    • Negatist

      Konnan never was anything… ever… Axel, yes, has had more of a career already than Konnan ever did, but still… Axel is a flop right now, and generic (and clumsy) are two words that come to mind when I see him.

    • TripleB27

      They should have pushed him as a new Mr Perfect. He has a ready made angle to use…the perfect son, with all of the perfect vignettes.

  • Jay

    Why do Axel matches put me to sleep

    • Ralph Ramos

      Because he sucks

  • Josh Cervera

    The only reason people still know konnan is bc he doesn’t go away..

  • fmdof

    i only remember the Paul Diamond Max Moon.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Chris Pinto can join Konnen on the sideline as far as I’m concerned. Maybe Konnen can get him a job in AAA, and they can both work on Pinto’s technique, mike skills, and even troll a titty bar or 2 down in Mexico. Who knows, maybe they can become best friends. They can be “Pinto and The Man.”

  • Ronald Ryan

    You Know at one point even the undertaker sucked on mic that’s hy paul bearer or brother love then most of the talking He will get better and for being Generic huh Hello stone cold was the most generic wrestler of all time black boots and shorts But ended Up becoming One of the biggest names in history of wrestling a name that even rivals Hulk Hogan Give time Curtis Axle will get better it is in his blood to be one of the greatest Who’s to say he won’t be world champ or wwe champ in a couple years

    • Cowman

      You’re an idiot. Stonecold was far from generic when it came to working the mike. Axel’s image being deemed generic should not be compared to Stonecold because of the fact that Axel has no mike skills at all to help overshadow his generic image. That wasn’t the case with Stonecold.

      • Ronald Ryan

        it was fact stone cold gimmick wasn’t even suppose to last and the Black boots and Trunks was so generic but my point was Curtis will get better with time there you Dumbass Now go play in traffic would ya

        • Timothy Graham

          Curtis might get better with time, but fans want the finished article. We want the statue, not the stone it was chiseled from. In other words, we want Perfect!

          • Ronald Ryan

            I guess that’s logical

        • Mindstamina

          Why you mad cupcake?

          • Ronald Ryan

            not mad there buttercup

      • Timothy Graham

        Stonecold learned his craft elsewhere and had a career before WWE. He was one of the best at cutting promos and that helped him a lot. The black boots and trunks was made into an angle of rebellion and him being someone that didn’t come to dress up but to kick ass. A wrestler isn’t going to get that kind of push without being able talk the talk.

        • Mindstamina

          You do know that you basically repeated what I already pointed out. That is my point which went over your head. His appearance would not have gotten him any where without his gimmick and his microphone skills.

          • Timothy Graham

            I don’t know what you’re smoking but I don’t see where you made any point unless it got deleted.

          • Mindstamina

            Im Cowman.

          • Timothy Graham

            Apart from me replying to the wrong person, I don’t see why you would have a chip on your shoulder when someone seems to be agreeing with you. Also, It’ isn’t really repeating anything but it is a similar argument. Goat’s milk and cow’s milk are both still milk but have distinct tastes. Just call me Goatman.

      • Zuckerton

        It’s MIC! You idiots! This isn’t just directed at you, it’s directed at all who have spelled it “mike”.

        “Mike” is short for “Michael”.
        “Mic” is short for “Microphone”

        If you’re criticizing him for not being good on the “mike”, you’re essentially criticizing him for not being gay.

        • Mindstamina

          Are you serious you geek? Mic mike what ever bro. Why not go criticized the one who spelled “brah” into a corny slang? Or the one who first used the term “mic” as short for microphone? F*ck off geek and got get laid.

          • Zuckerton

            A. What the F*ck does this have to do with you?
            B. I specially said “This isn’t just directed at you, it’s directed at all who have spelled it “mike”.”
            C. I targeted this person because he called the ONE person who used “mic” instead of “mike” an idiot.
            D. I don’t see anyone who used the term “brah” except for you, just now.
            E. I did get laid, now I’m going to get a shower and go to work.

          • Mindstamina

            Im cowman. Who gives a f*** how one spells a short variation of microphone geek? Chill out. You never seen anyone used the word “brah”? Okay go play stupid if it makes you feel better. Its a stupid idiotic slang btw.

          • Zuckerton

            Geek? Perhaps. I’m more of a Grammar Nazi and when I see mistakes, I have a need to correct them. So for your question:

            “Who gives a f*** how one spells a short variation of microphone geek”

            Simply put, I do.

            Also, you forgot the apostrophe in “I’m”, the quotations around “microphone” (and the comma that follows it), the “have” in your fourth sentence (though you used the quotation marks for “brah” and for that I applaud you), the comma after “Okay”, the apostrophe in “it’s” and the comma after “slang”.

  • Jack Swagger

    The Mexican Hulkster needs to shut up and go back to being a “huge” tv star in his 3rd world country.