Konnan: ‘Layla Is A Pain In The Ass To Work With!’


Former WWE, TNA and WCW star Konnan was recently sent a photoshopped picture of WWE Divas Layla, Summer Rae and former WCW star Disco Inferno. Konnan responded to the tweet and image with the following:

“The young witch and the pain in the ass..#BOOM.”

Konnan was referring to Layla as the “pain in the ass” and told a fan to “just ask around especially the trainers.”

Konnan went on to tell another fan that he wasn’t “hatin” on Layla … he was just telling the truth and would go into further detail on an upcoming MLW podcast.

When another fan asked Konnan what his issue with Layla was, he said:

“@IAmGlitterati i don’t have a beef,im stating what i was told by my boys in WWE, she’s a pain in da ass 2 work with.do u listen 2 my podcast”

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Layla Selfie-Pic In **HOT WORKOUT** Clothes!!!


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