Kurt Angle Addresses Retirement & Health Rumors

Kurt Angle addressed rumors of retirement and his health on Twitter. Here are a few messages he posted.

“I’m Not Retiring Soon. I Will Wrestle for a few More Years. Where?”

“But I Love TNA. Hmmmm”

“Wrestling Site Did a story on Where I Will Go In 6 Months. 1st of all I’m not Beat Up and Battered. I’m 110 Percent Healthy. I’m Gonna D …”

Kurt Angle mentioned last year that he wouldn’t wrestle past the age of 46. Angle is currently 44 and turns 45 on December 9th.

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  • allan mccann

    i think i know why angle is still in wrestling. clearly he loves it but i think that really bother kurt is you look at guys just starting there career in wwe and there young but there already as many years into the bussiness as kurt now, kurt doesnt like the fact that he started late he stated before he doesnt feel like a legend cause hes only been in wrestling 13 years ,buts hes 44 and can barely move his neck,you a legend kurt, just retire

  • disqus_cpiAcizq4M

    The thing is Angle can still put on some damn good matches. He is one of the very few guys at that age that can still put on damn good matches EVERYTIME he is in the ring.

    • allan mccann

      Ya but you could say the same for steamboat an few years ago. Doesn’t mean he’s even half as good as he use to be even if he can perform now.