Kurt Angle Believes Chris Jericho Is In The All-Time Top Five Greats


WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle, recently piled praise onto AEW’s Chris Jericho when discussing the impact he’s had and how good he still is.

Angle spoke with ProWrestling Junkies where he discussed potentially wrestling again, admitting if he was to face anyone it would be John Cena. However, he also put Chris Jericho in that category, admitting that he is in his top five of all time.

“If I was going to wrestle anyone, I’d love to wrestle Cena,” Angle said. “I’ve also been watching Chris Jericho, and wow! He’s still so good. I’m so jealous of that son of a gun. He’s my age, and how he’s still able to go at this level like he’s doing right now, especially after 25-30 years in the ring, he’s phenomenal. He might go down in history, this is me speaking, but he might go down as top 5 of all time. He’s still as good as he ever was. I wouldn’t mind having one more round with Jericho, but that’s not going to happen.”

Angle also spoke about the recent heel turn for Roman Reigns, admitting that it has been a long time coming for the Big Dog as Angle thinks he was pushed fast, which is why fans initially questioned him.

“Whether you like him or not, he’s a ring general, and the guy is incredible – Roman Reigns. The problem with him is Vince just took him from zero to hero and the fans were confused, wondering, ‘Who this guy is?’ The thought was just like, ‘Who’s this guy and what’s he doing here? He must be Vince’s guy, and if that’s the case, I don’t like him.’ This heel turn has been a long time coming.” (H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.)