Kurt Angle on Changes He’d Make In TNA, Re-signing Hulk Hogan & More

Kurt Angle spoke with Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca on SiriusXM’s Busted Open about what he’d change about TNA if he was in charge of the company.

“I would have a better way of organizing things. I would have a lot more rehearsal. I would have talent come to the ring every hour of the day and just rehearse and go over and just ram it down their throats so that they have it right when they come to the show that night. We have been doing that. Have we been doing it enough? Yes and no. But I don’t want it to become, and it’s not in any means a WCW, but you don’t want it to become where the talent says what they want to say and the story isn’t going to go anywhere because the writers and the talent aren’t really talking. I don’t want it to become that. I want it to become more organized like the way Vince McMahon runs the show. That’s how I was brought in and for seven years that’s how I was taught. I believe TNA is going in that direction now.”

Angle was asked if he’d re-sign Hogan back to the company.

“Oh yeah! A lot of people would say no but look what this guy has done for wrestling. Anytime he goes out he gets the loudest cheer. It doesn’t matter if he is wrestling or not. Hogan is a talent you want in your company and I have a lot of respect for him. I didn’t have a lot of respect for him when he first started, but I really didn’t know him because I didn’t watch wrestling when I first started. But getting to know him and seeing what he has done for the business, I would say heck yeah, you want to sign that guy.”

Angle revealed how he is feeling following his stint at rehab.

“I feel great. I’m a lot healthier now and a lot more clear minded. I feel a lot better right now. I needed the break. I needed to do what I did and I feel a lot better now.”

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  • The huntress in the night

    The non rehearsal is why TNA is more fluid and natural and why i love it.

    • Franklin

      Agreed, it makes for better episodes of Botchamania


  • Rene Ramirez

    To much rehearsal will not look natural believe Babba Ray *bully* is more believable like ECW use to continue the good work.

    • allan

      Bully rays a vet and doesn’t need reversal but there are a lot of guys who do

      • Rene Ramirez

        I agree with you allan but in WWe its seems so force the way they do there promos an I do agree with you about AJ Styles he is the best tallent TNA has just think Anderson has better talking skills but last night aj really step up at it.

  • $77460704

    “Oh yeah! A lot of people would say no but look what this guy has done for wrestling.” That’s debatable.

    • allan

      He never did s*** but make a lot of money he did nothing for pro wrestling its self,nothing except push a lot of people down and bail every time something isn’t his way