Kurt Angle Reportedly Shoots On Jason Jordan On Raw, Major Update On Jordan’s Injury and WWE Status


As seen on WWE Raw last night, Kurt Angle instructed Jason Jordan to “go home” until he is medically cleared to return to the ring.

According to PWInsider.com, Angle instructing Jordan to go home was somewhat of a shoot, as WWE has indeed pulled Jordan from the road as he deals with a neck injury.

We noted earlier today, via Wrestling Observer Radio, that Jordan is, in fact, dealing with a neck injury which might require surgery due to Jordan experiencing issues with his grip.

Jason Jordan’s wife, however, took to social media and blasted reports of the severity of Jordan’s injury as “fake news”, claiming her husband is dealing with a “minor” neck injury and will be back in the ring “in no time.”

“I assure you everything you have seen online is ‘fake news’”, Jordan’s wife wrote. “He has a minor neck injury and will be back in no time!”

WWE has been attempting to work around Jordan’s injury by keeping him on TV and booking him in non-physical roles on Raw and in matches, but the decision was ultimately made to pull him from the road until his future can be determined.

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  1. Louis Bradley on

    Hope it is minor one of the ONLY black wrestler in the WWE rhat dont have a total fooling role but he is mixed lol.

    • Louis Bradley on

      Its not a race thing per say its just that the WWE use black to look foolish (outside the Rock) but they get paid so there dignty is for sell and when its like that its not racist just as a mixed person father white my mother black like to see more black serious taken wrestlers And Jason could have been one.

  2. Louis Bradley on

    You right It’s not a race issue I just said he’s one of the black wrestlers I like to see that don’t have a goofy wrestling act and it’s not racist because they choose to get paid to do it so it’s on them to look foolish. I just like seeing black wrestlers that’s not goofy all the time like the New Day, sexy chocolate or R truth killing I like Ron simmons in his WCW days, Bobby Lashley, and Butch Reed not Titus World wide.

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