Kurt Angle Says Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali Was “Great Storytelling”


Kurt Angle recently conducted a Q&A on his Facebook page. One of the questions posed to Kurt was about WWE champion Daniel Bryan’s recent match against Mustafa Ali on SmackDown Live. 

Kurt actually compared that bout to the one had with John Cena on SmackDown back in 2002.

“I believe it had the same feel. The champ (Bryan) gave the new kid (or younger kid) a chance and the new kid stuck with him the entire match. Nothing more exciting than to see a heel champ lose (or almost lose) to the young buck. Great story telling. Both matches had that.”

Angle’s match against Cena jumpstarted John’s career. Cena used that match as the foundation for his rise in WWE, which eventually saw him become the face of the company. Many WWE fans seem to agree with Angle’s assessment of Ali versus Bryan. Is it possible that Mustafa is headed for big things in Vince McMahon’s company?

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Angle was also asked about his achievements in both pro wresting and the Olympics. How does one sport compare to the other?

“I’ve been Blessed to win many titles. ALL of them were special. The Gold Medal World Championships in 1995 and Olympic Gold Medal In 1996 were my dreams come true. BUT winning 6 World Titles in WWE (and 7 more elsewhere) were special, especially the WWE Championships. It’s tough to say, but the Olympic Gold is something I will cherish the most. Not many of us out there”