Kurt Angle Says Ric Flair Saved Him From Signing With WCW


Earlier in the week, Raw general manager Kurt Angle spoke with TMZ, and he told the publication that he owes his entire professional wrestling career to Ric Flair because the Nature Boy advised him to sign with WWE instead of WCW.

“I learned a lot from Ric Flair,” Angle said. “He’s the guy that pushed me to go to WWE instead of the WCW.

“I was ready to do a deal with WCW and he said, ‘No, go to WWE because Vince McMahon will know what to do with you.'”

And in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer called Angle’s story into question, saying that while it’s extremely possible that Angle’s story is true, it’s pretty unlikely that it would’ve been kept quiet for almost two decades.

“In 1998, Flair was in WCW at the time and all I know is that I’ve never heard that story before and Flair and I have talked countless times about Angle and he never brought that up and nobody has ever brought up Angle when it came to WCW. While I suppose it’s possible, it’s hard to believe a story that Angle was about to sign with WCW was kept quiet for 19 years, especially since I knew about lesser amateur wrestlers that WCW had talked about in that era.”

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