Kurt Angle Talks About Problems with Current TNA Booking


Kurt Angle spoke with Mark Madden on Hulk Hogan having a prominent role on TNA television. Here is a short transcript from the interview.

Madden: What I want is more Kurt Angle. It should be you battling Aces & Eights, not the guy who can’t walk anymore (Hulk Hogan). C’mon!

Angle: “You know what, I’ve had talks with Creative and, yeah, we’ve been going back and forth. I’ve been the staple of the company the last five years until, I would say, the last year. I believe they’ve been trying to use the younger talent.”

Madden: “Right, like Hogan!”

Angle: “You know what, that’s a touchy subject. I love Terry but you’re right, it’s about bringing up the younger talent. And the way to do it is having them wrestle veterans like me in the main events. Hopefully in the future they’ll start doing that more often.”

Also during the interview, Kurt Angle admits that he was written off of TV in anticipation for his Olympic Wrestling run.

“I believe that was probably the beginning of my demise in TNA as far as where they wanted me. They were expecting me to try out for the Olympics and go to the Olympics, so they kind of wrote me off. Then, they didn’t have a lot for me (after ending his Olympics quest). But, I said, ‘Hey, it’s over. What are we going to do now?’ And they said, ‘We’re going to have plans for you and start writing you back in.’ So, we’ll see here in the future.”

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