Kurt Angle Talks About What He Has Left To Achieve, On Punching Brock Lesnar, More


During a recent Q&A on his Facebook account, WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle revealed what he believes he has left to achieve in wrestling. Below are some highlights with a H/T to Rajah.com for the transcriptions.

On what he has left to achieve:

“I have nothing that I feel I need to accomplish, other than an amazing retirement match, whenever that is.”

On which wrestlers he has punched:

“Yes. Let me see….Brock [Lesnar], [John] Cena, Shane [McMahon], and [Samoa] Joe. I’ve done it quite a bit. My punches can be a bit stiff…LOL. One time I hit Brock in the face, and he said to me ‘Do I owe you money or something?'”

On if Brock Lesnar’s botched shooting star press bothers him:

“No, everyone knows how good it was. I’m happy that people talk about the shooting star press, that’s what gets people that haven’t seen the match interested in watching it.”

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