Kurt Angle Talks Possibility of WWE Return

Kurt Angle was asked if he would like to return to WWE and work a light schedule like Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and The Undertaker, during a recent interview with NewsDay.com.

“Since these guys wrestle part-time, obviously it’s appealing. But that’s what I do in Impact Wrestling now,” said Angle, who said that his current schedule is 65 % lighter than at its peak. “My loyalty is with Impact Wrestling right now. I can’t think about it yet until my contract is up. But is there a possibility [that I’ll return to WWE]? You can’t throw anything off the table.”

Also during the interview, Angle said that he had no plans to retire and was ready to get back into the main event mix.

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  • allan mccann

    i just want to see brock lesnar vs kurt angle again. wouldnt mind angle vs bryan too.