Lance Archer Reveals A “Couple” Of People Were Discussed To Be His AEW Manager


Since debuting in AEW, Lance Archer has always had WWE Hall Of Famer, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts by his side. The legendary wrestler has been his mouthpiece and has really added a lot to the overall character so far.

However, during an interview on Talk Is Jericho, Archer actually revealed that there were other people who were pitched for the role. However, Jake was the deciding factor due to his personality.

“A couple different people were pitched,” Archer recalled on Talk is Jericho. “Jake was the deciding factor; his style, persona. His personality and mine were similar but different, a yin and yang. He’s smooth and cool with how he says stuff and what he does. The Murderhawk Monster is very chaotic and kick your teeth in. It was intriguing. Jake is a legend and me, being in Japan, there’s still a huge audience that didn’t know anything. It was a great transition to take somebody like Jake, who becomes the guy who re-introduces me to the American audience.”

Archer then went on to discuss what he has managed to learn from Roberts during his time working with him so far.

“He’s been awesome because he’s not somebody who tries to change me. He loves what I’m doing. But he goes, ‘Try this, with this.’ And it’s amazing advice that anybody at any point should listen to.”

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