Lance Storm Praises Jeff Hardy Appreciation Night From ‘SmackDown Live’


Jeff Hardy hit a milestone recently when he celebrated his 20th anniversary of being a WWE Superstar. The Charismatic Enigma was recognized on the November 27 edition of SmackDown Live.

Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm talked about Hardy’s appreciation night on Wrestling Observer‘s Figure Four Daily podcast.

“Everybody generally likes Jeff, they always have. He’s a babyface, he come out and they showed a bunch of clips of him being awesome and cool. I think his promo felt real. He felt legitimately grateful for the appreciation. He felt like a humble guy that didn’t have a big head, he came off real. He came off likable and we just celebrated him and like, this was so great.”

Much of Storm’s enthusiasm for the segment was a direct response for the incredible amount of heal that’s been generated in recent weeks on Monday Night Raw. That heat has led to Raw‘s babyface Superstars getting destroyed as the heels ruled the program.

But Storm also had something to say concerning Samoa Joe, who interrupted Jeff’s celebration on Smackdown Live. Did Storm believe this was the wrong move? Was the blue brand suddenly becoming too much like the red brand?

“Joe coming out and doing the promo, I thought was the perfect angle in that we didn’t need HEAT. He didn’t get any heat on Jeff whatsoever. He came out and cut a compelling, believable promo, which Joe’s really good at. He hit some real points and this is where too, it’s important not to point out legitimate flaws in your babyface, if they’re flaws that the crowd may not understand. And I think  the crowd knows that Jeff had some issues and Jeff has cleaned himself up and overcome those and the crowd respects him for it.”

The interaction between Joe and Jeff may lead the two men to a new rivalry in WWE. TLC is coming up on December 16 and that may be the perfect night to book a match between the two Superstars.

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