Lars Sullivan Bench Presses 315 lbs. 20 Times (Video), Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley Have Mystery Plan(Video)


Lars Sullivan is one of the largest superstars in the entire WWE universe. He’s terrorized NXT for awhile now, and has come very close to claiming NXT titles a few times. He put his brute strength on display in the gym, benching 315 lbs. 20 consecutive times.

Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley Have Mystery Plan

Lio Rush shared a video on Instagram showing a phone call with Bobby Lashley. The two exchanges vague words about an upcoming plan, but did specifically mention Dallas. Monday Night Raw will air from Dallas this coming Monday, so it seems like we might find out then what this plan is all about.

Rush also thinks Fortnite is ruining kids brains and just dropped a diss track on Noam Dar.