Lars Sullivan Manhandles Lucha House Party In Handicap Elimination Match


Somebody backstage really doesn’t like the Lucha House Party…

Just three days after being systematically dismantled by the so-called “Freak” Lars Sullivan at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia, all three members of the high-flying lucha trio were yet again forced into action on Monday Night Raw this evening.

This time around, the LHP were given the opportunity to face off against Lars in an Handicap Elimination Match, which figured to give them at least a small edge in the 3-on-1 bout. And in the end… yeah, it didn’t help at all.

Lars made quick work of former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto, pinning him with ease after the Freak Accident. He then destroyed Lince Dorado just as quickly, squashing him with a running powerbomb.

Gran Metalik managed to last much longer than his lucha brothers, but not because he actually stood more of a chance. Lars simply refused to pin his opponent, instead crushing Metalik with massive, powerful slams in between rolling to the floor to continue manhandling the other two competitors.

Check out the footage above.