The Very Latest On Rusev’s WWE Status and Future; Is the Recent Social Media Drama Legitimate?


As we noted earlier today, despite speculation that Rusev’s WWE status might be in question due to recent social media activity and The Bulgarian Brute being pulled from his originally scheduled casket match against The Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev remains with WWE and will compete in the Rumble match in Saudi Arabia.

Bryan Alvarez elaborated on Rusev’s status on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, noting that the comments recently made by the Smackdown star on social media, in addition to Rusev removing mentions of WWE from his Twitter account, are all part of story lines, and there are no issues with his status. “Rusev is not quitting,” said Alvarez. “He’s not leaving. He’s not getting fired”.

Alvarez added that WWE likes to “work the internet, they think it’s funny”, which explains the social media activity in recent days. As for the Undertaker Casket Match change, Alvarez noted WWE simply feels Chris Jericho vs The Dead Man would be a better match for what is being built up as a major event in Saudi Arabia.

Below are some of Rusev’s recent social media comments which had fans questioning his future in WWE:

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