Latest WWE Inbox, AJ Styles on WWE Not Having Interest In Him


– Here’s the latest episode of WWE Inbox with Superstars looking back at 2013 and giving bold predictions for 2014:

– As noted, AJ Styles recently spoke with about TNA, ROH and more. Regarding WWE, AJ said he understands WWE is putting a lot into their developmental system and just may not be interested in him.

It was pointed out that a wrestler in AJ’s position not being signed right away by WWE would have been unthinkable 10 years ago and that this is an indication of how much the business has changed. AJ responded, “Yeah. Lucky me, huh?”

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  1. WWE is just so full of themselves. That Big Nosed Triple H is so stupid it’s almost hard to believe. AJ Styles in WWE would be awesome.

  2. I am sure the big “AJ” tattoo he has doesn’t help him. There is no way they would let him perform as “AJ Styles”…especially when they already have an AJ.


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