Latin American Xchange 2.0


Impact Wrestling was transferred back into the hands of Jeff Jarrett earlier this year. Since then, we’ve seen an entirely new product. Well, in some areas.

Jarrett has brought back some of those who helped TNA thrive from the beginning. The likes of Low Ki, Sonjay Dutt, Magnus, and Matt Morgan have all returned to Impact Wrestling and have elevated the product by adding attractive star power. None of these, in my opinion, are as unique or as significant as the return of a legendary faction from TNA’s glory days, known as LAX.

Latin American Xchange was a faction of Homicide and Hernandez with Konnan coaching them on. The duo held the NWA Tag Team Championships twice and the TNA Tag Team Championships once. Their feuds with America’s Most Wanted and Team 3D stand out for me in their unforgettable run.

However, I’m not sure how many know this, but Hernandez is 44 years old and Homicide just turned 40 in March. Jeff Jarrett could not bring along this tag team, despite how great the gimmick, because it just would not work. The most recognizable LAX members had “aged out” and bringing them back wouldn’t connect to the audience they’re trying to appeal to now. Jeff Jarrett had to do something to revitalize a depleted tag team division and he wanted to reincorporate the LAX faction.

Here came Ortiz and Santana. Two nobodies who in LAX, are now the Impact Tag Team Champions of the World!

Ortiz and Santana are two young talents, obviously from the Latino heritage, and they have fit in well with LAX. They are incredibly talented and their best quality, is they are not a copy of the original LAX we fell in love with.

Many times WWE tries to recreate a nostalgic character. A big example of this is Ryback, trying to make him out to be Goldberg. They’ve tried to make Enzo Amore and Big Cass out to be the New Age Outlaws. Sometimes this transfers to generations and gets over with the fans, and other times it can turn fans off. Impact chose not to pair an X-Division star with a strong powerhouse, but went a different route by making the duo of the future both X-Division competitors.

Of course, you couldn’t let them come in on their own. Bringing Konnan around as a mouthpiece has been a huge positive for their careers. Konnan hasn’t lost his mic skills and I’d assume is teaching Ortiz and Santana as they go along. While Homicide is around as well and isn’t doing much, I feel it’s a necessity he’s there. I imagine Homicide is helping Ortiz and Santana behind the scenes with their in-ring work and Homicide appearing on TV does bring credibility to the new LAX. I wouldn’t be surprised there’s an angle in the future of Homicide taking Konnan’s place. As much as Ortiz and Santana are learning, Homicide is learning how to be the complete manager from watching Konnan.

Ortiz and Santana could go far in this journey as the new Latin American Xchange. They are bringing excitement to the tag team division and have been the biggest highlight of this regenerated part of the card. I see plenty of tag team title runs in their future and look forward to seeing them lead this tag team revolution at Impact.

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