A Lawsuit Against WWE & Natalya Neidhart Dismissed


Source: Pwinsider.com

A lawsuit against WWE and Natalya Neidhart that was filed on June 27 was dropped on Monday in Florida. Christopher Donnelly, who is in a Pennsylvania prison, filed a hand-written lawsuit asking for $250,000. If he wasn’t paid, he threatened to “go to the media” and also mentioned several claims about Natalya.

He claimed that she was a dominatrix who beat him while they were at hotels in the US from 2005-2009, forced him to suffer extreme sexual abuse and forced him to prostitute himself in Miami, Florida. Donnelly said he wanted the money for mental and psychological trauma, but spelled “psychological” wrong in the filing.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit and said that the complaint was filed with delusional language, with no standing under Florida law.

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