LAX Talk WWE Tag Teams, Wrestling The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, More


LAX recently appeared on Sirius XM’s Busted Open, where they talked about a variety of pro wrestling topics. One of those topics was whether or not the current Impact Wrestling World Tag Team champions follow the WWE product.

More specifically, Ortiz and Santana were asked about whether or not they kept up with the current crop of tag teams in WWE and the answer was an emphatic “yes.”

“100%. We like to stay up to date with everything and try to peep game on everything. The guys over right now in WWE, like The Usos, The New Day and Revival, of course, those dudes are shaping tag team wrestling in a whole different light, man. Those dudes have been doing awesome stuff.”

The conversation then turned to LAX’s match with the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The match in question took place during WrestleMania 35 weekend and LAX had nothing but positive things to say about their encounter with the Hall of Fame tag team.

“Amazing. The best.

We were a little nervous to meet them, we’ve never met them before. We go upstairs, we say hello, to them. There was a little bit of a testing out process on their part; they never met us before. But as soon as they seen we were cool dudes, you know what I mean? We hit it off instantly.”

The duo also said that Ricky Morton was more than wiling to take the infamous Canadian Destroyer and that Morton called the entire match in the ring. LAX was more than happy with the overall match, which they called “awesome.”

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LAX mentioned their bout against The Young Bucks on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, which may never be broadcast. Ortiz and Santana were very complimentary of The Young Bucks. They were also flattered that Matt and Nick Jackson specifically requested them for a match, which LAX said was amazing.