Leaked WWE Memo from a Few Years Back Reveals Orders

– An internal WWE memo from a few years back recently leaked and stated a few things of interest:

* Vince McMahon no longer wants “Granddaddy of them all” using to describe WrestleMania because he feels it makes WrestleMania feel old and dated.

* Nobody can use the phrase “choke” for a submission move. Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate move was named Triangle submission hold.

* Producer Kevin Dunn stated that announcers can no longer use the phrase “title changes hands.”

* Vince banned the use of terms “five star match” and “match of the year.” As part of the memo banning those terms, Vince also wanted all announcers to “stop reading the dirt sheets” with the idea that it influences what they say.

* Stephanie McMahon sent a memo for announcers to never use the phrase “the referee didn’t see it” when a heel is doing something behind the referees back. She wrote that it makes it seem like the announcers are treating the fans like they are in grade school. Stephanie prefers “the referee’s vision was impaired” or “the referee’s vision was blocked.” Also, never use the word “hatred” or “hate” when describing a feud and the announcers should never say a talent doesn’t care about winning a match.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • allan

    I’ve heard 5 star match and match of the year., ref didn’t see it happens all the time. Hells gate has Been mentioned many times. Heard title changes hands, only thing I haven’t heard is choke.

  • Lawrence Crayton

    Are they gonna rename the chokeslam to the “One Arm Slam?”

  • Jeff Wilson

    But it was Vince himself that came up with “Granddaddy of them all.” All he’s doing is telling himself not to say that anymore.

    But a lot of these changes are starting to sound like they really aren’t coming from the McMahon’s..but actually are suggestions from sponsors.

    Cause as everyone knows…if the sponsor wants something…you pretty much do it or lose their advertising…which if some remember about 10 years ago..Smackdown had a major issue getting advertisers because of a lot of the stuff WWE did.

  • Jack Swagger

    This was from a few years ago and since it was a leaked memo there may have been more memos since changing things again but those just never got leaked.

  • Ernie Marin

    wonder when the memo to stop caring about the company and care only about making money by screwing the superstars and the fans was sent out.

  • themans

    its really not good for them that this leaked. You can now see very clearly how pathetically stupid and out of touch they are that they think these stupid little things matter. Wrestlemania is not old and dated Vince, you are.