Lilian Garcia Disputes Claim Made By WWE Employee, Wanting To End Her Career As A Ring Announcer For Raw


Setting The Record Straight

– Former veteran WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia recently appeared as a guest on WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s weekly Steve Austin Show podcast, check out the highlights below:

On wanting to end her career as a ring announcer for RAW:

“I’ll never forget too, I was on SmackDown and I remember saying, ‘man,’ because I was on RAW for 10 years. I left for two years. I came back. They brought me back and I was announcing for SmackDown, which I love SmackDown. Most of the time, I did backstage interviews, but I really was like, ‘yeah, I would really love to get back on RAW.’ Like, ‘it [has]been my home for 10 years. I would love to end my [WWE] career there.’ And I put it in my vision, like, ‘I don’t know how, but I was so grateful I was back on RAW and that’s where I’m going to finish my career.’ And sure enough, it was months later and all-of-a-sudden they called me and I was back on RAW and I was announcing on RAW again. Like, how does this happen?”

On a former WWE employee who claimed she left the company to pursue a singing career:

“Something that very much upset me was… it’s a certain book that was written by somebody that used to work for the company. I don’t even want to mention their name. But they mentioned how they felt that I left [WWE] after 10 years, so I could go and have my singing career and that I didn’t care about the [pro wrestling]business as much as they cared about the business. Yeah. And I was like, ‘man, and I helped this person so much,’ by the way, that I was like, shocked. I love the business. I would not have stayed in the business for 15 years if I didn’t love the business. I love this business. For anybody to tell me otherwise, no way.”